About us


Bringing more creativity into the world

Founded in 2016, Toodle Plus is a lifestyle brand that makes creative, distinctive and trendy fashionable clothing and merchandise for the passionate in you. Toodle Plus was created with an ultimate aim to bring together a group of extraordinary people and see if they can create something that unites everyone who is frustrated by the ugly t-shirt designs present online, and transform that frustration to a revolutionary platform that goes beyond. And when that happened, Toodlegram Private Limited was born.

We love to experiment freely and try to bring out the most creative and innovative works in our designs. Our range of products are always fresh and up-to-date, and we try to bring out the joy in people who wear our t-shirts. We make sure to create high-quality fashionable products at affordable prices. As a thoughtful brand, we actively attempt to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize our social impact. These efforts are integrated right into our day-to-day operations by avoiding plastics and implementing paper bags and paper packages.

Online Shopping at Toodle Plus is convenient and super easy

Online shopping is one of the most convenient and hassle-free methods to purchase something at the ease of being at home and getting the product delivered at door steps. Gone are the days where we planned out our shopping spree days in advance and travel all the way to make a purchase. At today’s time and development with the technology you can do all of this at your home comfortably sitting in your bed and surfing through the internet. By using one of the robust user interfaces and attractive discount-oriented customer influencing site. You can purchase all your favourite t-shirts and merchandise and witness the convenient shopping experiences. This is what shopping at Toodle Plus is all about.

Toodle Plus is the place to be when it comes to artistic designed products and merchandise and high quality quirky and cool outfits. You can browse through our exciting categories where we offer from men’s wear to women’s and an amazing range of accessories for your day to day usage and all of these bundled with our exclusive offers and discounts that makes your shopping an exciting one. You can also purchase our t-shirts and products and send them as a gift to someone and see a smile on their face.

Benefits of shopping at Toodle Plus

Choose your product, get it ordered online, and we ensure that its delivery happens right at your doorstep all over the world. All you need to do is shop for the product at your convenience and pay for them at the comfort of your home and we will make sure that the product is packed and dispatched to you on time. For any second thoughts after purchase, we have in place a return policy as well. For your online shopping experience to be safe and risk-free, we offer safe and secure payment gateways facility too. So, you don’t have to worry anymore about your hard-earned money being stuck somewhere. Make sure to use our easy 7-day returns policy option and other customer-friendly features. A comprehensive sizing guide and detailed product descriptions coupled with high-resolution product shots of our t-shirts and merchandise will give you all the information to make the right buying decision.

Range of Accessories

We are currently offering only high quality T-shirts and Hoodies. We will soon extend and offer you amazing accessories such as mobile cases, keychains, mugs, notebooks, stickers, posters, wallets and backpacks to choose from.

As for our accessories. They are manufactured with impeccable and premium quality material and swag that will glam up your style quotient. We try to target all kinds of customers and cater to their needs and preferences.